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Getting the most out of your adult hosting platform requires a hosting provider with state of the art hardware and a deep understanding of the ways that adult sites utilize it. Whether you need additional IP addresses for SEO purposes, collocated severs, server clusters off US soil, server localization in a particular region or any number of other adult industry requests – we are familiar with the work that you do and we are ready to provide the technical backend services to support your efforts.

Web750 Data Centers

internet Connections & Network

  • Multiple 10 Gbps connections to the Tier 1 backbones, used exclusively for hosting data and media streaming.
  • Over 2,000 Gbps of total network backbone capacity
  • Carriers and ISPs servicing customers in the building include: AT&T, Global Crossing, Qwest, Level (3), NTT/Verio, SAVVIS, SPRINT and Verizon Business (former MCI/UUNet)
  • Private 10 Gbps peerings to major broadband / DSL providers - Comcast, Cox, Adelphia, Cablevison, Road Runner and Time Warner Cable
  • Private peering to over 5,000 networks (Tier 2 / Tier 3 ISP's, corporations and wireless / telecomunication providers)
  • Redundant cable and fiber-optic vaults guarantee room for massive network expansion through multiple existing duct banks.
  • InterNAP Flow Control Platform (FCP)
  • Tipping Point (tm) IPS / IDC protection

web750 data centers

  • State-of-Art EQUINIX (NASDAQ: EQIX) and InterNAP(NASDAQ: INAP) datacenters
  • N+1 datacenter facilities
  • SAS 70 Type I / II certification
  • Secure 24x7 card key access
  • Security guard protection
  • 24x7 Video surveillance
  • Dual power grids
  • State-of-the-art generators
  • Multiple 750Kva UPS units
  • Redundant 30 ton Liebert HVAC units
  • Early detection systems for smoke, water and hydrogen
  • State-of-the-art pre-action sprinkler system

technology partners

  • Network Equipment - CISCO Systems
  • Servers - HP, IBM, DELL and Supermicro
  • Software - RedHat Inc, Microsoft Corporation and Sun Microsystems